Our Ministries

Baptisms, or Christenings, are a sacrament of blessing and welcome.  Infants, children and adults of any age may present for Baptism.

Contact the Rev Canon Nicki in the first instance to chat about process, Godparents, personalising the service and timing (usually during a 9:15am Sunday service).

Anyone aged 7 years or older may choose to be formally prepared and welcomed to receive the Sacraments of Holy Communion (The Eucharist).

When a young person begins to feel called to making a more personal and mature commitment to Christianity, Confirmation by the Bishop may be considered.  A process of preparation, conversation and discernment is required before publicly confirming for oneself the decisions often made at infant baptism;

  • Do you turn to Christ?
  • Do you repent of your sins?
  • Do you renounce evil?

Young people aged 13 and above, and of course adults, can chat with Nicki about confirmation.

Contact Rev Nicki if you feel you would like to be formally welcomed and admitted as an Anglican.